Cloud Native Streaming Platform

To meet today’s mission objectives, our systems must process an increasing amount of data without any downtime. Guaranteeing sufficient data processing capacity and resiliency with dedicated hardware is no longer practical. Our Cloud Native Streaming Platform (CNSP) is a cloud-native streaming data processing framework that can accelerate the cloud migration of any project.

Our application framework leverages Amazon Web Services (AWS) best practices and combines a mixture of custom microservice design, AWS services, and FOSS components.


Reference cloud-native real time streaming architecture to accelerate cloud migration of any project
Scales automatically to respond to changes in datathroughput
Continuous data processing in the event of a catastrophic loss of a data center (resiliency across availability zones)
Supports Blue/Green and Rolling Upgrades with zero downtime
Actively manages cloud costs by terminating idle machine instances


CNSP jumpstarts data-driven cloud application development by providing an extensive and reusable scaffolding to support any cloud application.

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Cloud-Native Scale

  • Expand processing capacity automatically to meet increased data rates
  • Automatically terminate idle compute instances when data rates decrease for cost savings
  • Simple push-button deployment without interrupting data flow
  • CNSP Infrastructure provides resilient storage of state for microservices
  • Secure and hardened architecture compatible with AWS, GovCloud, and C2S

Simultaneous IT + Mission Monitoring

  • Celexa monitoring framework provides real-time IT infrastructure monitoring combined with mission analytics
  • Quickly determine how the system is achieving its mission objectives while simultaneously visualizing system health, cloud status, and cost metrics
  • Identify system processing bottlenecks and data flow issues
  • Provides real-time cloud cost analytics to optimize runtime expenses
  • Web based to enable monitoring from any desktop or mobile device

Chaos Engineered

  • Stateless architecture ensures component failure does not impact processing pipeline
  • Self-healing components automatically recover after failure
  • Distributed deployment ensures components can withstand catastrophic failure of an entire data center
  • Resilient messaging guarantees no critical data is lost even in the case of system failure
  • Leveraging AWS components to provide enterprise-grade fault tolerance

Delivery Through DevOps

  • Reusable cloud-based DevOps Accelerator framework to introduce automated Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) concepts to any project or application
  • Reduce development reaction time and simplify application deployments
  • Makes “Doing the right thing” the same as “Doing the fastest thing” when delivering product updates
  • Eliminate deployment heroics and workarounds
  • Captures everything as code to ensure total traceability and auditability
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