Resilient PNT: Assured Positioning System

Assured Positioning System (APS) provides positioning, navigation and timing information in environments where GPS or other GNSS is unavailable or unreliable. APS derives location information from ordinary communications signals transmitted from Globalstar low-Earth-orbit (LEO) satellites. These signals-of-opportunity (SoOP) are not special position/navigation signals and are not subject to GPS/GNSS jamming or spoofing. For dismount applications, SoOP technology can be combined with IMU and barometric sensor inputs. In addition, APS is provided as a plug-in to the Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK) residing on a user smartphone.

Positioned For Accuracy

  • Independent backup and/or complement to GPS/GNSS
  • Unaffected by GPS/GNSS jamming and spoofing
  • Leverages Non-GPS/GNSS satellite signals of opportunity
  • Military and commercial applications
  • Dismount, mounted, guidance
  • Hosted application for ER310 SDR; our multi-mission handheld software defined radio

Integrated Sensing From Multiple Inputs

Non-GNSS Satellite Communications Signals

  • LEO commercial satellite communications transmissions

Terrestrial Signals of Opportunity (SoOP)

  • Commercial broadcasting
  • Mobile networks
  • Sources are unaffected by GPS/GNSS jamming & spoofing


  • Provides spectrum sensing and alarms on interference or jamming

IMU & Barometric Sensors

APS Implemented On ER310 SDR

In addition, APS can be implemented on ER310. ER310 is our flexible, high-performance, handheld platform designed to host and execute challenging RF applications with demanding real-time processing and communications requirements. ER310 supports a wide scope of missions, including assured PNT (Positioning, Navigation and Timing).

*Parsons complies with all applicable Trade Compliance regulations. Some of Parsons products may require an authorization from the U.S. Government before they are exported.

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