Making The Evolving Normal A Safe Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we live, work, travel, and play. As we strive to continue opening the global economy amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, guidance on vaccination, testing, and reporting obligations of employers and public spaces are evolving. Our flexible, configurable DetectWise™ solution integrates disparate services needed for a comprehensive program – testing manufacturers, distributers, medical advisory, and reporting – into one platform. Built with long-term scalability and sustainability in mind, DetectWise™ is a plug and play platform that allows for rapid integration of new technologies and NextGen diagnostic capabilities, with the ability to manage other known or emerging infectious diseases.

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Regulation Compliance

Our DetectWise™ solution integrates local, state, and federal requirements into one easy-to-use technology platform, allowing organizations to concentrate on their businesses, while knowing the mandated guidelines are being complied with, and employees remain safe and healthy within the workplace. A one-stop-shop solution – from simple health and vaccination attestation to validated vaccination credentialing and/or integrated testing with real-time result reporting – DetectWise™ helps any business that needs to comply with workforce regulations.

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Software Platform

DetectWise™ offers app and web-based software allowing users to create accounts, complete self-attestations and upload vaccination status and integrate COVID test results in real time. Based on an organization defined workflow, notifications can be provided to employees/users and employers/businesses when actions are required, i.e., booster shot, or test. When users are deemed in compliance with guidelines, the software issues access credentials that can be validated as necessary for access into a facility or event.

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Touchless Screening Kiosk

Our DetectWise™ touchless screening kiosk validates issued credentials and provides an intuitive, self-guided experience that facilitates and expedites effective screening, so you can be assured that people entering your facility aren’t introducing health risks. With scalable, customizable options, we can design a solution that fits your unique need and budget.

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COVID-19 Antigen Test

Through our customized solution, we provide best-in-class, EUA authorized point-of-care antigen test kits as well as federal compliant at-home antigen testing, which enable customers to rapidly identify individuals infected by the virus that causes COVID-19. Results are interpreted via mobile phone technology (e.g., not self-interpreted), digitized, and sent through secure connections to DetectWise™, ensuring compliance with federal guidelines. Our DetectWise™ accommodates the appropriate local, state, and federal reporting requirements in addition to robust client reporting and integration with other DetectWise™ tools.

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COVID-19 Molecular Test

We offer the best-in-class lab-based, EUA authorized molecular sample collection test kits that enable customers to collect and send samples to our network of trusted lab partners. Results are digitized and sent through secure connections to DetectWise™, which accommodates the appropriate local, state, and federal reporting requirements in addition to robust client reporting and integration with other DetectWise™ tools. EUA-authorized at-home polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing is also available. Results are interpreted, digitized, and sent securely to DetectWise™, making it easier to validate and provide access while complying with regulations.

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