Keeping A Pulse On Rail

Customizable Rail Monitoring Solution

IronRAM™ is a software rail monitoring solution that helps rail owners and operators visualize the data gathered by Positive Train Control (PTC) systems, allowing for more efficient troubleshooting, reporting and diagnostics. Including modules for log viewings, wayside, spatial analysis, and FRA reporting, IronRAM™ can be customized to meet the needs of any commercial or passenger railroad.

IronRAM™ integrates directly into the PTC messaging data and provides customized analysis to help railroads understand their data in real-time. By helping identify trends and troubleshoot issues, managers can make more informed decisions to improve performance and create cost efficiencies.

FRA reporting requirements are changing, and railroads need a better way than manually gathering data. IronRAM™ automates the process, reducing the potential for human error while cutting reporting time in half.  

Equipped with data on every trip and locomotive, railroads can also work with Departments of Transportation (DoTs) to integrate data where trains meet roads, bridges, and ports, helping improve safety and efficiency at these crucial crossings.

Key Capabilities

  • Response Time: Easily find and analyze data from specific train runs, locomotives, and train operators
  • Diagnostics: Visualize issues within your network using geospatial analysis
  • Automation: Generate FRA-ready PTC reports with the click of a button
  • Reporting: Analyze PTC enforcements by source and type
  • Future enhancements: Integrate grade crossings with transportation agencies using IronRAM™ and our product iNET™ advanced transportation management solution
  • Review all of the technical specifications here

Designed to evolve as PTC requirements change, IronRAM™ is ready to help improve rail operations today and in the future. Also, IronRAM™ does not require any hardware installation.

*Parsons complies with all applicable Trade Compliance regulations. Some of Parsons products may require an authorization from the U.S. Government before they are exported.

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