Simplify Mission Needs With Automated Enterprise Scheduling


Keep your mission running smoothly with Optimyz™ to enable quick, easy, and accurate automated scheduling for satellite communications, including optimizing and deconflicting space-to-ground assets for any schedule request. Optimyz™ makes it simple for satellite operators to evaluate available resources by enabling fully automated event-based scheduling and optimization of those resources. This intelligent software evaluates satellite locations in orbit and pairs them with available antennas on the ground to schedule successful contacts.

Machine-to-machine interfaces allow communication with both government and commercial scheduling systems. The product is database-driven, providing schedule request/response, task allocation, deconfliction, optimization, and resource statuses for all space-to-ground contacts. Fully automated event-based scheduling operations are enabled with multi-operator collaboration, mission planning, what-if analysis, and internal deconfliction performed within multiuser configurations. When your enterprise scheduling needs require a better solution, Optimyz™ is the best choice.

Key Technical Features

  • UI and multiple machine-to-machine interfaces for end-user interaction
  • Completely automated scheduling with ability to perform manual scheduling operations
  • Uses multistage scheduling algorithm including an evolutionary multi-objective genetic algorithm
  • Multilevel security, unclassified through system high requirements
  • EGS compatibility supporting the Space Warfighting Construct
  • Central scheduling authority CONOPS with multi-scheduler synchronization
  • Autonomous, real-time changes to the networks, including ground and satellite anomalies
  • Multi-network integration supporting system resiliency and increased capacity
  • Real-time operations, data synchronization, and distribution throughout the enterprise
  • Compatible with OrbitXchange™


Our architecture doesn’t require hard-coding assets and can scale to fit any operational construct, from mission specific satellite operation center support to Enterprise Ground Services (EGS), with very little need for custom alterations.
The database-driven architecture allows the operator to define and change core parameters without changing the code. Our simple user interface (UI) makes it possible to add and remove antennas and spacecraft in moments.
Legacy satellite control networks take 45 minutes to process requests and deconflict an 8-hour period. Optimyz™ can deconflict 2,000 contacts across 400 vehicles within a 24-hour period in approximately 45 seconds.
Optimyz™ is a proven enterprise-class optimization solution across multiple government and commercial domains for a range of functions including resource optimization, dynamic frequency allocation, an
Real-Time Operations
Data synchronizations enable real-time operations across available communication links,
even in bandwidth-constrained environments.

For pricing information for Optimyz™, our automated scheduling for satellite communications platform, please complete the contact us form.

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