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We design and develop products manufactured to exceed mission requirements for our SIGINT and EW customers. Our product design philosophy focuses on excellent mission performance, low SWaP, ease of use, dependability and spectrum awareness.

WBT® Spectrum Awareness Tool (SAT)

The WBT® Spectrum Awareness Tool (SAT) is a suite of Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations (EMSO) tools aggregated into a single application. SAT is optimized to operate on our WBT® platform and is a self-contained RF spectrum awareness solution. In doing this, it makes it easy to monitor spectrum activity and rapidly identify RF interference or other systems competing for spectrum usage.


  • Automatic detection and recording of RF Spectrum
  • Rapidly scans and detects RF signals
  • Provides user configurable rulesets to quickly detect signals of interest (SOI), and then alert, stream, or record the signal
  • Records and plays back RF data for post processing and signals analysis
  • Can be configured pre-mission for unattended operations
  • Can be remotely operated via an IP network

This item is subject to the ITAR. Accordingly, certain clients or destinations may require an export authorization. The time required to obtain authorization may impact delivery.


The Wide Band Transcorder (WBT®) is a family of fully self-contained RF capture and playback systems. 

The WBT® is a fully integrated Software Defined Radio Platform (SDRP) that is capable of capturing and replaying signals within the RF spectrum. It is the smallest, lightest, and most efficient recorder and transmitter on the market. Its advanced capabilities allow for real-time or after-action analysis and of signals captured. Capturing and preserving a replica of the RF environment that can be played back into any system with an RF input. 

WBT Radio Family

Key Capabilities

  • Dual independent tuners 
  • Removable media (WBT®-3100 and WBT-3202 only)
  • FPGA support (WBT®-3100 and WBT®-3202 only) 
  • Internal RF filtering 
  • I/Q Spectrum recording up to 100 MHz bandwidth (320 MHz with WBT®-3202)  


  • RF signal recording & playback
  • Signal analysis
  • Interference analysis
  • Remote spectrum monitoring
  • Training
  • Receiver test & design
  • Spectrum allocation

WBT® Product Comparison Matrix

WBT matrix

This item is subject to the EAR. Accordingly, certain clients or destinations may require an export authorization. The time required to obtain authorization may impact delivery. 

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