Wireless Instrumented Streaming Platform (WISP)

The Wireless Instrumented Streaming Platform (WISP) is a portable, remotely controllable, instrumented wideband RF data capture, transmit, and analysis tool. WISP uses include wireless signal capture, arbitrary signal generation, and frequency translation for both R&D and field-based operations.

Wideband RF Data Capture Tool

  • RF Test & Simulation Systems
  • Portable instrumented wideband RF data capture, transmit, and analysis
  • Wireless signal capture, arbitrary signal generation, and frequency translation
  • R&D and field-based operations
  • Rapid prototyping platforms for advanced SDR applications
  • All-COTS hardware platform
wisp Lineup

WISP/mini-WISP Features

  • Portable, remotely controllable
  • Tuning Range: Receive/Transmit 20 MHz – 6 GHz
  • Tuning Resolution: 1 Hz
  • Precision time-controlled arbitrary waveform transmit capability
  • Capture & transmit most modern wireless protocols
  • Simple Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Time-stamped, detailed event log.
  • High-capacity RF signal storage
  • Power calibrated – precision knowledge of received signal level and transmit power
  • Integrated GPS receiver
  • GPS-disciplined time reference
  • Cost-effective, all-COTS

WISP/mini-WISP Architecture

  • Wideband software defined radio (SDR) transceivers
  • Large digitized signal storage
  • Embedded single-board computers
  • GPS-disciplined high-stability clocks
Mini-WISP Architecture (single-channel) Shown With Optional Power Amplifier
wideband RF data capture
WISP Architecture
wideband RF data capture

Graphical User Interface

The intuitive WISP/mini-WISP GUI runs on a laptop computer (laptop included with WISP; offered as option for mini-WISP).  The GUI controls powerful use modes with flexibility to support a wide variety of operational scenarios. Users can manage transmitted and captured signal files and can stream raw data and analyze wireless protocols using signal analysis software. The WISP/mini-WISP GUI can be operated remotely.

Optional Power Amplifier Modules for Mini-WISP

WISP units include integrated power amplifiers. For mini-WISP units, optional external Power Amplifier Modules are available for applications requiring higher output power. Mini-WISP PA Modules are controlled from the mini-WISP user interface to provide accurate, power-calibrated output levels.  Mini-WISP PA Modules are available in single-channel and dual-channel versions and can be configured for frequency coverage and power.  A popular version provides up to 5 W of power over 500 MHz-4200 MHz and is powered by either AC or DC (9-36 V).

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