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Our Smart Cities Vision

Using Technology To Improve Mobility

Our Smart Cities Vision


Realizing The Future Of Smart Cities

As early pioneers and continuous innovators in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), we have developed cutting-edge solutions that maximize the efficiency, effectiveness, and safety of transportation networks. We combine deep critical infrastructure expertise with the latest technologies to help deliver a better world.

Congratulations To Our Challenge Winners!

The following cities are taking the next step in revolutionizing the way public and private industries collaborate to solve challenges.


Grand Prize: Frontier Metropolitan Planning Organization (Fort Smith), AR

Prize: 1-year free trial of our Intelligent Intersections solution


2nd Place With Distinction: Austin, TX

Prize: Limited free trial of our Intelligent Intersections solution


Runners-Up: Walnut Creek, CA and Westminster, CO

Prize: Limited free trial of our Intelligent Intersections solution

Intelligent Intersections

Intersections are a vital part of how a city moves. Without the necessary information to evaluate and prioritize intersections, they can also contribute to increased congestion. Learn how retiming signals more frequently with our Intelligent Intersections solution can help.

Making An Impact

Congestion at intersections has a major impact on city mobility and can affect not just transportation but health, economic growth, and safety of the community. Retiming signals can help improve the problems, and our solution makes retiming signals a seamless process that can be completed in minutes.



Our Solution: Reduction in traffic delay from updated signal timing

Problem: 6.3 billion hours lost to congestion each year
Sources: FHWA, Inrix


4.9 Million

Our Solution: Estimated reduction of tons of greenhouse gases each year due to better signal timing

Problem: 30 million tons of greenhouse gases equivalent due to idling each year
Source: Department of Energy


$27 Billion

Our Solution: Estimated reduction in dollars of productivity lost to congestion each year

Problem: $88 billion dollars of productivity lost to congestion each year
Source: Inrix



We are commtted to the highest standards of integrity in everything we do.


Our History

We've thrived on solving the world's most complex problems since 1944.


Our History

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