Frequently Asked Questions

Short-Form Application

Q: Do I need to work for a city, county, or public agency to apply?

A: Yes. This challenge is for cities, counties, and other public agencies that own or operate traffic signals and have a desire to enhance mobility, increase safety, and improve operational efficiencies.

Q: How much time, resources, or funds do we need to provide for the competition?

A: For selected semifinalists, there will be two or three workshops with our experts, each approximately 2 hours, at a location convenient to your team or through Webex. The challenge winner will collaborate with our team to deploy the project safely and successfully. The time and resources required for deployment will vary based on the scope of work defined during the final application process.

Q: Will the deadline be extended?

A: To be fair to all applicants across all Challenge phases, individual extensions will not be granted. If, however, there is a significant number of extension requests, we’ll consider extending the deadline for all applicants.

Intersection Solution

Q: Can you provide more details about the prize?

A: Semifinalists will be awarded two or three workshops with our smart-city experts to help develop their final applications, and, more important, to define their visions for transforming intersections. The challenge winner will receive a free trial pilot for 1 year, which includes integration costs, software costs, and technical support for that entire year. The scope of the project will be jointly finalized during the semifinalist workshops. For planning  purposes, we’ll also provide the winner with details regarding options to remove or continue with the services after the trial.

Q: Does the solution include signal phasing and timing (SPaT), automated traffic signal performance measures (ATSPM), or adaptive signal controls?

A: The services awarded will be defined as part of the final application. While these may include SPaT, ATSPM, or adaptive signal controls, our team will focus on working together with you to integrate the appropriate set of services to address the mobility, safety, or operational efficiency challenges of your city.


Q: What happens after the 1-year trial? Are decommissioning costs part of the competition?

A: As part of the process, we will provide you with details regarding options to remove or continue with the services after the 1-year trial. Decommissioning costs are included as part of the overall prize.

Q: Are winners locked into the solution?

A: No. The choice will be up to your team. At the end of the 1-year trial, you will have the option to remove or continue the service.

Q: Will my submission be public?

A: Consistent with public organization policy and practices, applicant organization names will be made publicly available. However, no specific team member names or any details of your application will be made public without your prior consent. For more information, please refer to the application terms and conditions on the challenge details page.

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