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Traditional solutions only take you so far – X takes you farther. We’re accelerating the world’s digital transformation by unifying our services, streamlining our delivery model, and reinforcing the data-driven focus that has fueled our innovation for decades.

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Parsons X enhances our decades of digital leadership by bringing together innovation from across the company, providing our customers and clients with fast, secure, practical digital solutions that meet their toughest challenges across critical infrastructure and national security.

Want to change your world? Here are just a few of our capabilities:

Roads And Highways

Complex Design Capabilities Via iTwin Technology

As the design lead for the 183N Mobility project in Texas, we are implementing iTwin technology to meet the owner’s extensive 3D deliverable requirements which includes the development of roadway models, bridge models, existing and proposed utilities, and drainage models.

PeARL flash

3DOB: Internal R&D To Geospatial Product

Our team developed PeARL™ Flash, a multi-user, enterprise-level image processing capability for 3D model generation from imagery data. Post-mission, PeARL® Flash processes airborne frame imagery, Wide Area Motion Imagery (WAMI), and Full Motion Video (FMV) data into 3D models.


America’s Next Top Bridge Model

As part of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway design project, NYCDOT requested that a full 3D BIM model be developed of the existing corridor to help optimize multidisciplinary coordination among the project team, improve accuracy in cost estimation, better assess constructability, act as a tool for clash detection, and develop the preliminary and final designs for the project. 

AI Guided Spectrum Operations

From autonomous vehicles to autonomous markets, it’s becoming increasingly clear that solutions consisting of autonomous artificially intelligent (AI) agents are changing the way we get things done. Due to continuing advances in the field of machine learning (ML) and AI, computer systems can now “discover” hidden insights within data, exposing hidden relationships and conclusions normally obscured by the complexity and enormity of the available data.

cyber aviation

Strengthening Cyber Protections For Airports And Airlines

We’re aviation and cyber experts – does your airport need a cyber update? What do you need to know about the latest cyber mandates from TSA?

Built Infrastructure – whether a military base or a bridge – is our user interface to the planet. Our mission is to upgrade that interface – securing and improving the infrastructure that is critical to our future in a sustainable way.”

– Peter Torrellas

How do we do it? With state-of-the-art cyber solutions. By federating data. Leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning, digital twins, and so much more.

Technology Is In Our DNA

Digital Twins – We are digitizing infrastructure around the world, with Digital Solutions for infrastructure implemented with more than 70 local governments around the world. Whether utilizing our industry-leading Paradim® platform, a software-agnostic asset and data management solution, or the platform of one of our many digital twin partners, customers are efficiently analyzing and managing massive amounts of information to better design, build, and maintain bridges, airports, transit systems, highways, and water and wastewater facilities.
Cybersecurity – Our decades of experience leading the cyber security efforts for the Department of Defense, and the critical need for infrastructure protection is a necessary union at a time of increasing global threats.  Digitizing infrastructure is useless if the foundation is vulnerable to  cyberattacks. Our cyber solutions converge the disciplines of IT and OT security to keep operations moving – across electrical grids, water delivery systems, and transportation networks.
Augmented And Virtual Reality – We are helping our customers visualize the future of infrastructure by applying AR and VR technology early in the design process. Equipped with a tablet and data inputs, we can show stakeholders exactly where the structure will go – and then make necessary design adjustments well before building begins, reducing time-consuming and costly delays.
Machine Learning – It’s not just a buzzword – we’re implementing smart city technologies that rely on machine learning to improve mobility. Our Intelligent Intersections solution is keeping tabs on traffic and retiming signals in Austin, Texas; Fort Smith, Arkansas; Westminster, Colorado; and Walnut Creek, California. And there’s more where that came from – roadway information systems, structural health monitoring, lane control, just to name a few – all applying AI and machine learning to help cities move safer, smarter, and more sustainably.

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